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What is the AARP Defensive Driving Program?

 As people age, their response time slows down. That means when they are driving, they may not react as quickly as normal when they see a car coming towards them while driving. More elderly people are driving now, and then means more elderly people are being involved in accidents. In response, insurance companies have raised premiums for seniors to meet the increase in payouts.

The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, is a large organization that helps seniors by providing information and services to protect the rights of those who are age fifty-five or older. Although some senior citizens become unable to drive safely, many still can. That is why the AARP believes that they should have the right to retain a driver's license as long as possible.

AARP Offers Seniors a Safety Class

The AARP offers a course in defensive driving so that seniors can refresh their memory on driving and enhance their driving skills. The AARP defensive driving class qualifies some seniors for a discounted rate on their insurance with many insurance companies. Taking this class will not only reduce their risk of being in an accident, but may save them money as well.

 One of the obvious problems seniors may face is having poor eyesight. As long as they cooperate by wearing the necessary eyewear, this won't be any more of a problem for most of them than it is for anyone else. The other thing that causes a real threat is not being able to respond quickly enough once an accident has begun to take place. The AARP defensive driving will teach them what to do to prevent them from getting to this point, so they can see the potential for danger before it starts to happen.

Chances are, you may already be a member of AARP if you are over fifty-five, since they offer other benefits to seniors as well. If not, call 1-888-227-7669 to help you find a location in you area to find an AARP defensive driving class. You can find an AARP defensive driving class by going online if you have internet access or ask your insurance company. You may want to check with the insurance company to make sure they give discounts for taking an AARP defensive driving class.

When you do find a class, you should be prepared to spend about four hours a day for two days in order to complete the classes. The cost usually runs about $10 for senior citizens, which is well worth the cost to help prevent you from having an accident.

Most seniors have spent many years of their lives driving and they want to retain their driver's license so that they can keep the convenience and independence they have earned. Taking an AARP defensive driving course may be the difference between keeping their license and bringing their driving history to a tragic end.

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